3 good reasons for the employment of the BT-BASE

• identification of the best applicants

• no effort for the universities

• individually exploitable


Information for Universities

The test is a proven method for the selection of students

  • Good success prediction
  • Objectivity
  • Acceptance
  • Ability tests have merit in court
  • Efficiency

The employment of an ability test enables universities to identify the most suitable persons and to recruit them for their programmes. More

  • High specificity
  • Low trainability
  • Reasonable participation fee
  • Service for the participants
  • Differentiated feedback
  • Adaptability to different study programmes
  • Grade equivalents 

The BT-BASE measures competences critical for success

The BT-BASE encompasses four areas of competence that proved to be critical for success in bachelor’s programmes of economics and social sciences:

  • Analytical-mathematical competence
  • Linguistic competence
  • The ability to think logically
  • Ability to process information efficiently

The BT-BASE is administered as an online test at test centres in many German cities. The organisation, administration and evaluation of the test as well as the notification of the participants as to their scores are carried out by ITB – no effort is required on the part of the universities. However, universities may participate as a test centre and in this manner encourage many prospective students to take up direct contact with the university.


 Individual models for student selection with BT-BASE

There are numerous ways of using tests to select students. A number of models which have proven themselves in practice are described here. We will be happy to advise you on planning your selection procedure and an optimal integration of BT-BASE into this selection procedure.


The test dates for 2019 are fixed. Here you can find all test dates, locations and deadlines


The BT-WISO can only be taken at certified test centres on respectively scheduled dates.

Dates and Fees